Hair Transplants

Are you thinking about having a hair transplant? If you are then this guide is for you. It contains a range of information about hair transplants; the different procedures, costs and what you can expect. A hair transplant is a major undertaking with risks as well as benefits but it is a successful procedure in the vast majority of cases. Many patients will testify to the results.

Hair transplant guide for men and women

This guide is equally aimed at both men and women. We know that hair loss affects more men than women but ladies are not exempt from this condition. As a result of this we have put together a guide which talks about hair loss and hair transplants for both sexes.

Comprehensive look at hair loss surgery

This guide is arranged as follows:

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Learn about the causes of hair loss

Hair transplants are commonly performed to treat hair loss in men although women are also affected. Baldness is a common condition in men, and some women, which causes a great deal of distress in both sexes.

The most frequent cause of hair loss for men is male pattern baldness. This happens due to an overproduction of male hormones which cause the hair follicles to shrink and eventually stop working. Hair is shed as normal but is not replaced by a new growth of hair which leads to baldness.

Hair loss in women is usually caused by a variety of reasons which include a hormone imbalance, pregnancy, stress and cancer treatment, e.g. chemotherapy.

Find out more about in our causes of hair loss section.

Which hair transplant procedure?

There is more than one hair transplant procedure to choose from so it is important that you find the right one for you. Everyone is different with differing needs and expectations. The type of surgery you have depends upon the pattern of your hair loss and your budget.

Hair transplants are not available on the NHS and prices vary between clinics. Spend time choosing the right clinic for you but do make a decision based on price alone. Take other factors such as skill and experience of the surgeon into account.

Hair transplants are the latest weapon in the fight against hair loss. They are performed to treat conditions such as male pattern baldness and are an option if all other hair loss treatments have failed.

This section discusses the various aspects related to hair transplants which include:

Each of these sections will take you through the hair transplantation procedure, from an initial discussion about the procedure to finding a clinic, what to expect on the day and the results.

The risks of the procedure are discussed as well as the benefits. But if successful can result in new hair growth and an improved appearance.

A hair transplant is often considered after all other treatments have failed for example, hair loss drugs. These drugs can slow down the rate of loss and may trigger new growth but this is not guaranteed.

If all else fails then your only option is a hair transplant.

Is there more than one type of hair transplant?

The answer to that is yes. There are several hair transplant techniques which include Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), scalp reduction surgery and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT).

Find out more about these and other procedures in our Hair Transplant Surgery section.

Learn more about hair transplants and the various procedures in our hair transplants and hair transplants surgery sections. Prices are discussed in a separate section- see Hair transplant costs.